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Who We Are

Meet Paul Lalonde, owner and founder of Bright Light Home Inspections. I am a trained and licensed Tennessee certified Home Inspector and Radon Tester. I have been trained by the largest American Home Inspection Training company in North America, (AHIT). I have successfully passed the National Home Inspection Exam. Successfully completed Radon Measurement Technician course at Environmental Consultants and Affiliates Network (ECAN) and passed national exam. I also pride myself on following the Standards of Practice (SOP) set forth by the State of Tennessee Law and I meet the requirements of American Society of Home inspectors (ASHI) at the very minimum.

I am a graduate of the University of Tennessee with my BS in Business Administration. I have been involved with Knoxville area real estate for 30+ years. I know houses! I grew up repairing homes. I have worked in a supervisory position in the construction industry, building new homes as well as remodeling homes. I have been a real estate appraiser determining the valuation of homes through inspection and market analysis. I have bought, renovated, and sold many homes. (Not just flipped homes, but renovated and preserved them so people could enjoy their home for many years.) I have been on both sides of the buying and selling process of real estate transactions. I’m on your side. I understand the detailed process that buyers and sellers go through to finalize a home transaction.

Most importantly, this is my full-time job! I am not a casual, part-time, looking for something to do guy. I am passionate about making sure your home will be safe for your family.

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Whether you are working through an agent or taking on that challenge of buying a home on your own, you will also want the expertise and experience of a professional Home Inspector.